The 2nd drop of

is coming

December 3st, 20:00 UTC

Whitelist spots still remain via


3333 Unique Ultra
High Quality Raptors

The first 3D NFT Collection on Elrond, Rogue Raptors is a collection of 3333 generated Raptor NFTs. With hundreds of variants that range from their skin type to their clothing, to their accessories. Each Raptor has been hand crafted by our team of designers!

Blue Tiger

Carbon Fibre








Red Tiger


Coming soon

These Raptors roam the Earth as the apex predator! Top of the food chain! Beware holding this NFT is dangerous, they might kill off your others!



Each Rogue Raptor is unique

12 base species. Super Unique features! Rogue Raptors are a unique bunch of Raptors!


Raptor Egg Drop

Rogue Raptors will be rewarded after the main sale with Raptor Eggs!



Create 3rd generation baby Raptors when the breeding season drops.



Donate a certain amount to charities working with dinosaur fossils. Charities will be decided by a community vote.



Don't let your NFTs sit idle in your wallet. Gamification will engage the community and imagine utility of your Raptors.


Ever-evolving Roadmap

Constant improvements to the roadmap to grow the Rogue Raptor.


Rogue Raptor Merchandise

Clothes will be created with the aim to create a Rogue Raptor clothing brand where potentially holders can purchase a framed Rogue Raptor of their choice!

Meet the Team

Raptor King

Dead Rare

Hi! Raptor King and Dead Rare Development Team are long time investors in Elrond and see this space as the future of NFTs! Raptor King is an experienced NFT creator who's worked for some of the biggest tech companies in the world selling and managing software! He has partnered with Dead Rare Development who have created the first Elrond NFT Marketplace.


When are the Rogue Raptors launching?
December 1st 8pm UTC will be our first presale with 500 spots @ 0.25 EGLD. Follow us on Twitter and Discord to get the latest updates regarding the launch. Main sale date TBC.

What is the total supply?
A total of 3333 unique Raptors with more baby Raptors coming in the future! The number of babies will be decided after the main sale is finished!

What is the cost of a Rogue Raptors NFT?
0.6 EGLD + gas fees (Pre sale will be 0.25 EGLD)

Is there a presale?
Yes, the presale will be on Dec 1st at 8pm UTC. 500 Rogue Raptors will be on sale at just 0.25 EGLD

Is there a whitelist?
Yes we have a whitelist where the community will get early access to the presale!

Is there a limit on how many Raptors I can mint on the whitelist?
Yes we have a whitelist where the community will get early access to the presale!
Yes we are limiting the amount of Raptors that you can mint for the whitelist at 5 per person! Depending on if any are left we may increase that number for the actual presale

Are there any presale exclusives?
Yes we have an exclusive presale skin called Firechain!

Can we choose our Rogue Raptors?
No, we are using a smart contract so the distribution of Rogue Raptors is completely random during launch and presale. However, you can buy your favourite raptors once the Rogue Raptors hits the secondary market.

Do we have a secondary market?
Yes we have a secondary market secured with! They have partnered with us so that you can relist your Rogue Raptors as soon as you buy them! (Although we advise to HODL as the price should moon)